Airport Arrival Procedures

1. On the plane or soon after landing, please make sure that all your students have
filled out the customs declaration, where applicable, and proceed to the immigration
and passport control area.

2. Once you have gone through, gather your students together, do a head-count to
make sure all your students are with you, and make your way to the luggage claim

3. Before exiting this area, please check that all the suitcases have been collected by
your students.

4. Should one be missing, help the student report the loss to the lost luggage counter.
Be sure to keep a copy of the claim form with the reference number. This is required
to track down and retrieve the lost item. Should the luggage be found, the airline
will contact you accordingly, and arrange for its delivery. Please be sure to let PLUS
staff know about the lost luggage once you arrive on campus so they can assist with
the delivery and help the student pick up any essentials in the meantime.

5. Go with your group to the arrivals hall. You will be met by at least one PLUS staff
member who will be wearing a PLUS shirt and holding a PLUS sign.

6. Introduce yourself to the PLUS staff member and be ready to answer a few quick
questions, primarily approving the on-campus rooming list for students. You will be
directed/escorted to the coach allocated to your group. You may experience a short
delay in boarding the bus. This is due to the procedures airport authorities put in
place to avoid havoc in the designated pick-up areas as well as coordination with
other groups arriving around the same time as you. The PLUS staff member may
not accompany you on the ride, but other staff members will be ready to greet you
upon your arrival to campus.

7. Still having problems or encountering difficulties? Please call our US office at +1-
646-661-6786 and select the extension for the campus you are traveling to and we
will be happy to assist you.