Plus Online Fun English for Kids

If you are looking for

  Qualified, experienced, dedicated international team of teachers, trained to make English fun for children

  Interesting topics, closely chosen by our Academic Team in partnership with National Geographic

  Interactive learning through games, songs, stories

  Carefully-guided language lessons, while having fun and interacting with children from all over the world

 Online courses are organized by companies connected to PLUS. Our task is to provide consultancy and assistance where necessary

We will make sure that

  • The teacher will guide your child to respond to the topics and express their ideas confidently in English
  • Exam-style tasks throughout each unit, to prepare your child for sitting more challenging exams later in life
  • Develop the skills required to succeed at school and in life (team work, confidence, leadership, presenting ideas, developing writing, understanding texts in English and speaking about them)
  • Your child will expand on their general knowledge and develop awareness of the world around them through age appropriate topics that present the language in a relevant context (animals, inventions, famous detectives, food around the world)
  • Your child will develop as a whole while learning English in a fun, relevant and age appropriate way and you will receive feedback and access to the lesson materials through our carefully designed learning management system (Cambridge)

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