Plus Online English for Adults

If you are looking for

  • Qualified, experienced, dedicated international team of teachers who would provide support in the comfort of your home
  • Useful topics of general interest: The Keynote Adult Online Course is a programme specifically designed for professionals in the workplace
  • Interactive learning through real life like tasks, quizzes, projects, team work
  • With a special focus on exclusive TED Talk Videos the course can provide a truly authentic learning experience with a 21st Century skills focus.
  • Online courses are organized by companies connected to PLUS. Our task is to provide consultancy and assistance where necessary

We will make sure that

  • You get plenty exposure to authentic native-speaker content, challenging listening content
  • Inspiring remarkable speakers, communicating passionately and persuasively, who engage learners through their contemporary and cutting-edge delivery as well as topics of general interest amongst young professionals
  • High-level content, ideal for Upper-Intermediate and Advanced students (including C2)
  • Real-world content presented through readings, infographics, and interviews motivates learners to engage with language meaningfully and develop their presentation skills on a wide-ranging topics
  • A focus on 21st Century Skills throughout the course to ensure all participants improve their communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills

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