Terms and conditions

By submitting the Booking Application, the Agent formally agrees to abide by PLUS Terms & Conditions set herein.

1.1. Preliminary reservation (Allocation)
From September to February 28th, the Agent can request an allocation of up to 15 places for each centre and period (please indicate 1-2 alternatives). Larger allocations may be granted. PLUS shall confirm the allocation(s) via email with relevant group reference(s). 
No payment is due.

1.2. Extended Allocation/Booking
On March 1st, the Agent (via email) can either cancel, increase, reduce, request to extend his allocation or confirm the number of places he wishes to retain.

Failing this, the allocation will be automatically cancelled by the system and a new procedure must be commenced.
For each place confirmed, PLUS shall raise relevant deposit invoice (see part 6.1.). 
Payment must be credited on PLUS account on the date indicated on the invoice to avoid automatic annulment. 
Please note: After March 1st, depending on PLUS’s requirements, the allocation may be extended once or more times, for one or more weeks or a few days.
Should PLUS be compelled to reduce or cancel it (no compensation given), the Agent is offered the opportunity to confirm the places already sold (deposit payment must immediately ensue) or accept a new allocation at a different centre/period.

PLUS prices are exclusive of value added tax, sale tax or any other tax which may become 
applicable from time to time. The Agent has to bear the additional cost thereof.

In return for the payment of the appropriate course price, PLUS provides board, tuition and activities as specified on its website. General expenses, entrance to museums/attractions, airport transfers are not included in the course price.

Note: service schedule, social programme, facilities etc. may be modified for reasons beyond PLUS’ control such as industrial dispute or where the activity minimum number of students has not been reached. In this event, PLUS shall either offer equivalent services/facilities or refund fees paid. No claim can be considered likewise no compensation for missed lessons during public holidays can be proposed.

PLUS, its staff and representatives are not liable for any loss, damages, illness or injury to persons or property however caused, except where such liability is imposed by statute. Clients must have personal insurance against medical expenses, third parties, travel insurance including inability to attend or continue a course.

The Agent shall, at his own expense, obtain and maintain throughout the duration of the courses an insurance cover for public liability, event and personal injury, liability to or the death of any person and any loss or destruction of or damage to property not attributable to any fault or neglect of the clients with an insurance company of repute. 
Copies of all such insurance policies and evidence that all premiums have been paid shall be presented on PLUS’ demand.


6.1 Deposit/Balance

To convert the allocation into a booking, the Agent must pay a non-refundable deposit of

- £ 150.00 - UK centres
- $ 150.00 - USA & Canada
- € 150.00 - Malta & Ireland

for each place retained. PLUS shall confirm the booking via email with a reference number. This reference must always be indicated in the correspondence and on the bank transfer(s).

Relevant payment must ensue within 5 working days. Failing this the system will automatically cancel the allocation and a new booking procedure must be started. The deposit will be deducted from the final bill.

6.2. Settlement
The balance must be settled within the date indicated on the invoice and anyhow not later than 28 days prior to the arrival of the students, with NO deduction/set off and free from any taxes, levies, other charges or encumbrances. Should the Agent fail to get the sum(s) credited on PLUS’ account by the time limit indicated, curtail his/her payment or fail to pay by the date indicated, PLUS may cancel the agent’s booking, forfeit the deposit paid and/or  suspend service(s) at any given centre.

Cancellations must be made via email (please quote booking reference) and entail following penalties:

For cancellation(s) communicated 28 days prior to the arrival of the students: deposit is forfeited to PLUS.

For cancellation communicated between

- 27 and 21 days: 40% (forty percent)

- 20 and 15 days: 60%  (sixty percent)

- within 14 days: 100% (hundred percent).

For avoidance of doubt: the cancellation date is the one of the email and the cancellation penalty is calculated on the full course price. If the places cancelled are sold again, a credit on future agent’s bookings is raised.

If services cannot be provided for Cause of Force Majeure, the party involved must immediately notify the other. Neither party shall be deemed to be in breach of this Agreement and/or liable the other.


9.1. Student Visa
To visit UK and USA, students need a VISA issued by the British or American Embassy. 
The Visa is generally released on presentation of PLUS’ sponsorship letter. If the VISA is refused (proof must be exhibited), PLUS undertakes to reimburse the deposit paid. Cancellation penalties still apply.

9.2. School regulations
PLUS uncompromisingly prohibits illicit drugs, violence, racism, classroom disruption and dishonesty. No drugs, tobacco products or alcohol are permitted at any centre, function or when on excursions. Clients are expected to abide by the College disciplinary regulations, and demonstrate reasonable standards of conduct within and outside the classroom. Failure to do this may result in expulsion from the course with no refund.

9.3.  S dent welfare and group leaders’ responsabilities
PLUS only accepts closed groups accompanied by their group leader. He/she must be at least 25 years old and speak fluent English. The Group Leader is ultimately the person responsible 
for supervising his/her group constantly, day and night, and must comply with PLUS student welfare, security and safety rules. His/her duties and responsibilities are well defined  and encompassed in the PLUS Handbook which the Agent must hand out to his/her staff. A statement of responsibility acceptance should be signed by each member before leaving the country of origin.


Please refer to the Complaint Procedure in the footer section of this page.

These Terms & Conditions are construed in accordance with the English Law. All disputes, 
controversies or claims shall be referred to and settled under the rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce of London by three arbitrators appointed in accordance with those Rules that are known and accepted by the Parties. It is hereby agreed that the Commercial Court of London shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any judicial proceedings related to the interpretation of these Terms & Conditions which may not be deferred to arbitration.

London, February 2023