Class absence policy

Group Leaders are required to communicate beforehand to the Course Director the name of students not attending lessons. However, in case of a student missing from lesson staff are required to follow the following procedure:


  • No later than 10 minutes after the beginning of the lesson, a Course Director and/or Assistant Course Director must go around all classrooms and get the names of the absent students.
  • The Course Director will inform the Group Leader who will investigate the absence.
  • If the student is found, in absence of valid reasons the student will be requested to attend the lesson.
  • If the student is not found, the Course Director has to immediately inform the Campus Manager.
  • Together with the Group Leader the Campus Manager will attempt to make contact with the student.
  • If unsuccessful, together with the host institution security the Campus Manager will initiate and oversee a search of the site. If the student resides in a hall of residence in the centre, their room is to be entered and searched. If the student stays in homestay, the Campus Manager will call the student host family.
  • The Campus Manager and Group Leader might speak to other students who may have been with the missing student prior to their disappearance to determine at which point the student was last seen.
  • A whole centre fire alarm practice may be considered at any time to help to try to locate the student.
  • Depending on circumstances or if the student is not found within a reasonable time, the Campus Manager has to inform PLUS Head office and the authorities. The Campus Manager and the Group Leader should then make a decision to inform the parents or guardians of the missing student.
  • If the above stage is reached, a full record of all actions taken will need to be made using the “Incident report form”.
  • All parties need to be informed as soon as the student is found.