What is PLUS? What does PLUS do?

Professional, Linguistic, and Upper Studies (PLUS) operates English as a Foreign Language (EFL) programs across the world. PLUS U.S. Corporation, headquartered in New York City, runs summer English language study and travel programs for international high school students across North America. The programs allow students the opportunity to take English classes and explore the surrounding regions while staying at North American colleges and universities.


What is PLUS’ mission statement?

PLUS U.S. Corporation is dedicated to providing safe, intercultural, and educational programs to international youth through English language immersion and regional exploration.


What makes PLUS special?

PLUS offers employees the opportunity to work with people from across the globe, helping them expand worldviews and gain more intercultural understanding while earning a competitive wage! The fast-paced and busy nature of our programs encourages our on-site teams to quickly become a tight-knit family, creating lasting memories and friendships that extend well past the end of our summer program.





Is room and board provided?

Room and board is provided for some positions.For full-time activity staff positions, residing on campus is a requirement of those positions. Full room and board are provided.

Room and board is not provided for academic staff, and currently is not available due to large student enrollment in our programs.


How long is a typical position?

PLUS offers a variety of contract lengths. They vary between 1-9 weeks in duration, depending on the needs of the campus and employee availability. In the application there is space to indicate and explain your availability during the summer months. The majority of contracts are 4-6 weeks.


Are there any dates during which I must be available to be considered for a position with PLUS?

The last two weeks of July is generally our busiest time. Strong preference is given to candidates who are available for at minimum those two weeks.   


What does a typical day look like?

There’s no typical day in the world of PLUS! Our programs combine lessons, excursions, and recreational and evening activities to create an educational, intercultural, and fun experience for each of our student groups, and it is a pretty busy program! Most days, students are in class in the morning and go on a full- or half-day excursion after lunch, sometimes returning to campus with sufficient time to have an evening activity before curfew. Other days, students are on full-day excursions or in full-day classes. Most of our groups also choose to go on an overnight excursion during their stay with the PLUS program. The academic side of our program has fairly consistent hours and schedules, but the Activity side is a non-stop immersive experience for our students. Regularly scheduled time off for other jobs, classes, or responsibilities cannot be accommodated for Activity Staff.


What travel costs does PLUS cover?

PLUS U.S. Corp. does not cover staff travel or relocation costs to or from the campus. Any off-campus travel that is required as part of the program (i.e. an Activity Leader leading an excursion to the Statue of Liberty)  is arranged for and paid by PLUS.


Will I receive a PLUS uniform?

PLUS will provide activity staff with PLUS T-shirts that they should wear whenever they are working. Activity staff should bring solid colored shorts and closed-toe shoes to campus.

Academic staff does not wear PLUS T-shirts and should dress in business casual attire.


Will I receive training before I start working?

Yes, all staff members receive training. Training sessions depend on the position and vary between online and in-person.


How can I learn more about the programs PLUS offers in North America?

Feel free to check out our website: https://www.plus-ed.com/. At the top of the page, click “Junior USA & Canada Summer Programmes” and use the drop-down menu to choose the campus(es) in which you are interested.





When is the application deadline?

We accept applications on a rolling basis.


How do I apply?

Above, click on the location and then the position in which you are interested in order to read and familiarize yourself with the full job description. At the end of the job description, click “Apply.”

We use an applicant tracking system called ApplicantStack for the application and onboarding experience. Please note that you will be directed to the ApplicantStack website and have to make or log into an ApplicantStack account in order to apply.


What is the application process like?

The application process is composed of three stages:


  1. Application: The first stage of the application process is the application. Candidates must submit an application through our website using the links above; emailed resumes are not accepted in lieu of applications. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  2. One-way interview: The second stage of the application process is a one-way interview. One-way interviews involve candidates self-recording answers to a set of questions. Candidates do not need to schedule a one-way interview; they can answer the questions on their own time. One-way interviews typically take 10-15 minutes to complete. Please note that candidates will need a webcam to complete the interview.
  3. Live interview: The third and final stage of the application process is a live interview conducted in real time. Candidates schedule an interview at a time and date that is convenient for them. Please double check your time zone! Please note that candidates will need a webcam to complete the interview.

I am interested in several positions and/or several locations. Do I need to submit a separate application for each one?

Please apply to all positions in which you are interested. If you are interested in multiple locations, please apply to the location in which you are most interested and notate your other locations of interest within the application. 


What if I have more questions before applying?

Feel free to reach out to us at USAhiring@plus-ed.com!





Is there WiFi?

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t deprive you of WiFi! There is WiFi at all of our centers.


What is the accommodation like?

Residential staff members are generally housed in double or single rooms in dormitory apartments with other staff members. It is possible in rare cases that you may be required to move rooms during the summer to accommodate student groups.


Do I need to bring bed linens and towels?

Yes, it is best to bring bed linens, towels, and pillows, or to purchase them at a store near the campus if you are traveling across the country.


Is there access to laundry facilities?

Yes, all of the residence halls we use have laundry facilities that are coin- or card-operated.


Can PLUS accommodate special dietary needs?

We do our best to accommodate special dietary needs! If you have concerns about a specific dietary requirement, please email USAhiring@plus-ed.com so we can confirm with the host campus and their catering company. 


Is there access to public transportation?

If you want to leave the campus when you are not working, there is limited to great public transportation, dependent on the campus and the city. However, any travel off campus that is required as part of the program is arranged for and provided by PLUS.


Is there parking available at the center?

This varies between campuses. For inquiries about a specific campus, please email USAhiring@plus-ed.com.


Can I receive mail at the campus?

Yes, you can! However, most of our campuses are fairly large and you’ll need to make sure that any mail includes all necessary postal information to reach you. Campus mail rooms are often slow in the summer months so mail can sometimes be delayed.  When you arrive on campus, please ask your management team for the correct postal details.


I have friends and/or family that want to visit me from out of town! Is that allowed?

Feel free to visit with your friends and/or family at an off-campus location when you are not working. Overnight visitors are not permitted at PLUS centers.