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Covid 19 Policy





This Policy is to be reviewed on a monthly basis, in accordance with UK Government guidelines.


How We Are Keeping Students Safe on Campus

We understand that students will be excited, but also nervous, about their trip abroad with us. Below is a summary of some of the things we are doing to help make sure they feel safe whilst in class and in their accommodation.


In Class Safety: Common areas and classrooms

  • All staff and students will have their temperature checked at least twice a day. This will happen upon entering classrooms, or before breakfast and dinner time on days with no lessons.
  • Throughout the campus, social distancing and hygiene will be reinforced with clear signage.
  • All campuses will have floor markings which will provide clear guidance on social distancing measures.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for all staff and students throughout the school.
  • Room layouts have changes and furniture moved to make it easier to keep a distance.
  • Everyone in the school will be asked to wear a mask and extra masks will be available on campus in case a student’s own masks break suddenly.
  • There will be an intense deep clean schedule to make the school as safe as possible.
  • PLUS will follow local government rules for staff or students who show COVID-19 symptoms or who test positive for COVID-19.
  • Protective screens will be installed at reception and other key interacting points.
  • Classrooms and common room windows will be kept open when possible, to encourage constant ventilation.


Class management and timetables

  • All main and elective classes will be taught in school, face to face whenever government regulations allow. Class sizes will be kept as small as possible, to allow for social distancing.
  • Student timetables will be staggered to allow for different arrival times and social distancing.
  • PLUS will introduce outdoor trips as and when it is safe to do so and providers reopen.
  • Level testing will be done online.
  • Students are required to bring their own writing materials and notebooks and not to exchange amongst each other.
  • Any shared class stationary provided by PLUS (i.e., scissors) will be kept assigned to classrooms and sterilised at the beginning and end of each class by the teacher.
  • Teachers will sterilise desks and chairs at the beginning and end of every lessons with disinfectant spray.



  • Subject to availability, we will be placing students in accommodation where they have their own bathrooms and kitchens, minimising interaction with other students.
  • Where studio accommodation is not available, we will begin allocating students in ensuite rooms in separate flats to minimise chance of infection.
  • Students will be designated with a specific bathroom if they are in shared accommodation.
  • Frequency of cleaning throughout accommodation will be increased.
  • Hand sanitiser stations will be placed within accommodation and monitored.
  • Common rooms will be shut off to avoid students congregating together inside in proximity.
  • Windows will be kept open when possible, to encourage constant ventilation.
  • PLUS will help facilitate an unwell student by delivering food and medicine and isolating them in accommodation to limit contamination.



  • Contact sports will be kept to as minimum as possible.
  • Outside sports venues will be used as much as is permitted by the campus.
  • Indoor sports venue windows will be kept open when possible, to encourage constant ventilation.
  • If bibs are used, they will not be swapped and will be washed daily.
  • If swimming takes place, cleaning times and cleaning frequencies of the pool will be obtained for our information.
  • If swimming takes place, lanes will be used and lane ropes, if possible, to encourage social distancing.
  • Personal sports equipment e.g., swimming caps, swimming goggles, shin pads will not be shared amongst students or loaned out.