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About our Summer Programmes


Our Students

Our summer schools welcome groups of international students coming to the UK and Ireland to learn English and partake in social and cultural activities. These groups come from countries such as Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, and China. Group sizes typically range from 10 to 50 students aged between 10 and 17 years old. Groups are accompanied by their own Group Leaders who supervise their students at all times. They usually stay with us for two weeks, although we also offer options for one- and three-week stays.



We provide a comprehensive package for these groups, including:

• Twelve hours of English lessons a week

• A leisure programme comprised of social activities, games and sports during the day as well as an action-packed evening social programme

• Excursions including walking tours and entry tickets to attractions


A sample of a one-week programme is provided below.




As part of the package, we also offer full-board accommodation, airport transfers, and transportation on excursion days. The students are typically hosted at university campuses and boarding schools which provide facilities such as classrooms and venues for leisure activities and sports as well as catering and accommodation. In some cases, accommodation with host families outside the centre may be arranged.


Campus Team


All planning and preparation including for example the design of activity programmes, facility bookings, and transportation and attraction bookings are pre-arranged from Head Office. The overall responsibility of our campus team is to check all arrangements in advance and then deliver the programmes accordingly.


Our campus team is led by the Campus Manager and divided into two departments: Academics and Campus Life. The Academics department is headed by the Course Director, who oversees the academic programme and manages the teachers in the delivery of English lessons. The Course Director is supported by an Assistant Course Director.


The Campus Life department is led by the Campus Manager, who supervises and manages various aspects of the programme with the support of the Campus Life staff. This includes arrivals and departures, accommodation, facilities, catering, transportation and attractions, supplies, and campus finance. Also within the campus life department, the Activity Manager oversees the delivery of the excursions and the leisure programme, which are run by the Activity Leaders. The campus life department is complete with the Welfare Officer, who acts as our safeguarding lead on site, ensures the health and safety of our participants, and manages behaviour and discipline. Below is a visual representation of our campus team roles and structure.



Job descriptions


Campus Life

Campus Manager

Activity Manager

Welfare Officer

Activity Leader



Course Director

Assistant Course Director