We accept applications on a rolling basis; however, the sooner you apply, the better. Management roles tend to be secured earlier.

This varies depending on the role you wish to apply for. Please click here to read the job descriptions so you can understand what each role entails and requires.

Everyone is required to apply through our website and go through the same process to ensure fair treatment and recruitment standard for everyone. Please see below the recruitment process for Campus Life and for Academics – depending on which department you wish to work for.

Read the job descriptions and requirements for the roles you are interested in and apply for the one you are most interested in. If we find you unsuitable for the role you have applied for, we may offer you a different role (subject to availability).

Please click here to find out how are our centres run and what you can expect on a weekly basis.

We have 1 centre in Ireland and 11 centres within the UK (England and Scotland). For more information about our centres click here.

Each centre runs at different dates and the duration varies from centre to centre – from mid-June to mid-August ranging from 4 to 8 weeks.

This varies by position. All management roles must be available for the entire duration of their allocated centre. Management staff is expected to arrive at the campus 5 days prior to student arrivals (dates of student arrivals for each centre can be found here under Course Dates and will leave 1 day after everyone’s departure. The minim stay for Teachers and Activity Leaders is 2 weeks and can be up to 8 weeks.

We will ask for your 2-3 preferred centres and availability during a second-stage interview. We will try our best to accommodate everyone’s preferences, but it may not be always possible. EU applicants without the right to work in the UK will be automatically assigned to Dublin, Ireland.

Campus Life – all roles are residential only. You can request a non-residential contract, if you are already living on the campus. Academics – management roles are required to be residential. Teachers may be either residential or non-residential.

Full board accommodation is provided. Non-residential staff need to provide their own meals.

This varies from role to role. If we require you to wear a uniform, you will receive T-shirts and a jumper with our logo on your first day, which you must wear during your shift. Everyone is required to wear lanyards.

For Academic positions (Course Directors, Assistant Course Directors, Teachers) and Campus Life (Campus Managers, Activity Managers) - Yes, you do. We do not provide laptops.

In all our schools, you will have access to technology to prepare for your lessons in the staff room, but this means that you will have to share what is available.

All classrooms at all our schools are equipped with the latest technology to use for your lessons.

Management is required to attend in-person Induction on the 1st and 2nd June – compulsory. Other staff will receive a thorough Induction either before or on the first day of work (differs from role to role).

You will be accommodated in a single room in a shared student accommodation with other PLUS employees on the campus (Either University or Boarding School accommodation). Boarding Schools – please note, that boarding schools do not have keys to lock your room (Epsom and Bath)

All centres provide bedding, but some do not provide towels. You will receive information about each campus in your Welcome email before your start day.

Most of our centres do offer laundry facilities. You will receive information about each campus in your Welcome email before your start day.

You can leave the campus on your day off to see your friend or family. You are not permitted to bring anyone to the campus – day or night.

Some campuses may offer you free parking, but it is your responsibility to get in touch with the centre and discuss this with them. PLUS does not take any responsibility for your parking tickets.

You are not allowed to take a holiday during your placement due to the nature of the work. Your holiday pay is incorporated into the salary.

You are more than welcome to work at different centre after your contract finishes at your first one – subject to availability. Please note that PLUS does not cover any cost for the transportation or meals when you travel from one centre to another (unless we specifically require you to relocate).

We can provide Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) for Skilled Worker Visa – UK only, however, you will need to handle your visa arrangements and cover the costs yourself. For more information, get in touch with academicrecruitment@plus-ed.com

You can reach us at:

leisure@plus-ed.com – for Campus Life

academicrecruitment@plus-ed.com – for Academics